ibex have been working within the Construction industry for over 10 years, implementing Sage Construction into a wide variety of companies.  Our specialist knowledge has helped companies computerise their admin systems covering CIS, applications, client invoicing, retentions, purchase ordering, timesheets and job cost reporting requirements.

Removing Duplication

A large number of construction companies still run a large number of spreadsheets in order to run their business. Typically a subcontractor invoice will involve updating at least 3 spreadsheets as well as posting it to accounts.  A centralised system gets rid of most of that, thus most of the duplication.


Reporting on jobs

Using modern computerised dashboards enables management to view all relevant job information on ONE screen.  Linking systems to Excel allows users to interrogate the data providing answers quickly rather than the time-consuming traditional method of printed reports.


Our Experience

Our strength is in our consultants and their extensive knowledge of the Construction and maintenance industries, together with using the most favoured accounting software. We work with a wide variety of clients throughout the UK from different parts of the Construction industry including:


Ground works
Insurance work
Planned perventative and reactive maintenance
Refurbishment & new build
Electrical contractors
Mechanical engineering contractors
Property developers


Our consultants have over the years developed in-depth knowledge of the Construction industry.  Working with many different types of construction companies we have gained experience of and developed processes to handle:


Purchase invoices
Work in progress
Purchase ordering
Client billing