Recent projects have involved linking Sage 200 to Magento in-turn gathering information from a centralised warehouse system to aide in maximising opportunities in the buying process through Sage 200.


Linking to an eCommerce Solution

Very often we will provide custom links between Sage 200 and an e-commerce site such as Magento. Often when we look at ‘off-the-shelf’ links, we find that they have been based on someone else’s requirements and runs the danger of becoming a bit of a ‘fudge’ for our particular client. A custom solution has been designed to meet our requirements from the start. In addition we have also taken information from a warehousing package such as OrderFlow and used it to assist with purchasing in Sage 200.


Analising Profitability

We have successfully used Sage 200 Business Intelligence to provide a ‘slice and dice’ of a company’s profitability by a number of different variables including customer location, customer type and product group. This has enabled our client to target the most profitable customers and remove the least profitable product lines.

Sage 50 to Sage 200


Sage 50 can act as the initial system that companies start to use when they first start trading. As the company grows both volume and the requirements placed on that system can grow quite dramatically. We have taken a number of clients from Sage 50 to Sage 200 which provides them with an industry standard ‘back-end’ –SQL, to handle the larger volumes. The greater flexibility of Sage 200 can easily handle their multi-location and multi-currency requirements.

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