Looking to move online?


On premise servers are not the only option to running your software and business systems. You can realistically rely on an online alternative, through use of the cloud.  Get rid of great amounts of hardware, whilst benefiting from a host of additional features you may not have already considered.  Notable benefits that a cloud-based server can offer have been incorporated into ibex’s newest development in my business cloud™ .  Support all Sage and associated software and take care of your critical data and accountancy needs in one place.




But what is the cloud?

The cloud can best be described as a communications network existing online that uses a great number of computers and servers remotely to create a digital area easily accessible to all permitted. The cloud itself is not a physical thing. The connection of servers that make up this cloud in fact individually deliver different services, from holding data to networking through social media, to creative services and the ability to transfer files. Components include servers, memory, firewalls and more.


Will the cloud work for me?


Chances are you are already using the cloud, but you may not realise it. You are possibly utilising such applications as Dropbox, Googlemail or Windows Azure, or may recognise the term when related to Apple products that are backed by cloud operations.  Most recently Microsoft has joined these as a provider of a cloud service; so ibex’s my business cloud  ™  is in good company.


The concept is not alien to you, nor in most cases, a risk to your business. If anything, you are possibly reassured by the reputation of these brands that already deliver cloud-based alternatives to how you can run your business. The sheer amount of resources available makes today’s cloud computing incomparable to mainframe/terminal host computing – and the efficiency of delivering cloud computing resources is also credited to faster networking and Internet connectivity at a relatively low price.


How do I access the cloud?


As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to benefit from cloud-based services, wherever you are, from whichever device, whatever the time.



Do more with the cloud


Judging by the versatility of the cloud,  my business cloud ™  by ibex could fit neatly into your business to ensure your data and accountancy needs are handled in a similar way to your other functions, such as file transfer or social communications.  Learn more about my business cloud ™ and the service offered – and how it can work for you.  See the benefits. The software already employed, including Sage, can be successfully migrated onto my business cloud™ so you can start utilising the cloud today and realise its potential for you.

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