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Who are UKFast?


Some 15 years ago UKFast was founded.  Established to offer definitive internet hosting to all UK businesses with exceptional customer service and support, UKFast has grown to become  one of the most reputable and formidable cloud hosting provider in this country.  Having invested heavily to excel in their business area, their capabilities are by far rated above their competitors, so much so, worthy of many product and service awards, plus industry accreditations.  Building its portfolio of specialties, cloud hosting in particular is exemplary of its expertise, making UKFast a forerunner in its field.


UKFast is one of the UK’s leading managed hosting and colocation providers, supplying dedicated server hosting, critical application hosting, and cloud hosting solutions. They fully own, manage and operate ISO-accredited data centre complexes, which offer over 30,000 sq ft of enterprise-grade facilities for collocating your IT equipment.


All of their hosting solutions are designed to help businesses grow, with 24/7/365 UK-based support and dedicated account management as standard. They are exceptionally proud of the standard of service they give clients and believe it’s what really sets them apart from other providers.


Their aim is to achieve a flexible service that drives business growth and efficiency.  In offering the hosting  of your data via the cloud, they take away the headaches involved in an offline IT infrastructure.


Why choose UKFast?


There are many great reasons that prove UKFast’s worth in hosting your business activities.

Most importantly:


UKFast is part of your team – with 24/7/365 support, for when you need it.

UKFast is fast – the product performance is at the forefront of their service to you.

UKFast take control – so delivering a seamless service.  They own their own datacentres, so no middle man is involved in your data handling/ hosting.

UKFast build profitable relationships – believing in creating a network with its clients for a mutually beneficial system.  Staking a claim on its part of the internet.

UKFast design innovative technologies – so you can benefit from its competitive advantage and knowledge.





What this means for your business


With a reliable provider of a hosting environment, and ibex aligned to take care of the migration and management of your data on your behalf, you can utilise my business cloud ™ to fully appreciate your software online and all the benefits this entails.


UKFast are providing the network in which your data can thrive and ibex offer the tool by which to access this.  You will be able to do away with your own server, whilst relying on UKFast’s data centres to house your data, software and anything else you choose to add as you go.


This is what is meant by benefiting from the notion of ‘big data’.  As UKFast has made the investments and purchased the data centres, these assets are at your disposal, delivered by a corporation that you, as a small to medium sized business, can benefit from as a consequence.



UKFast Accreditations & Awards


To name but a few, you can rest assured that as Service Provider of 2013, Data Centre Dynamic Award winner of the same year and National Business Award holder, UKFast is proud to continually deliver a consistent and dutiful service.  They continually excel in their field and continually aim to be the best.


Notably ISO-accredited, and with national accreditations for security and safety of transactions and payments within its online environments, UKFast can offer a service that is fully endorsed and secure.


Secure & Reliable Service


ibex chose to partner with UKFast for the reasons laid out above, but most of all, to give you the reassurance you need in a cloud-hosted service that will house your data.  Never wishing to compromise your data or business information, UKFast was selected as the most secure and reliable service providers to guarantee a deserved and resilient my business cloud ™.

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