Running your Sage on my business cloud™


my business cloud ™ is suited to all your software needs, and not least, to any version of Sage you currently employ – or are planning to employ. All Sage software can be handled by this cloud-based hosting service, whilst providing you with a versatile resource to access it from anywhere, at anytime and through any device.



my business cloud™  by ibex for Sage


ibex is a strategic Sage reseller with vast software and business consultancy experience, so our knowledge of Sage and the ability to host it successfully through our very own my business cloud™ goes hand in hand. ibex ensured my business cloud™  would be best suited to your Sage software and designed it so the end result was beneficial to you.  The performance of your Sage products is enhanced and is becoming more and more tailored to an online environment and access point.



You want your Sage online


Moving online may still be a daunting prospect, however. Will it work for you? Will your data be out of your control?


You want your Sage online but you want to:

Connect it to your other systems
Extend its functionality with third party add-ons
Analyse using advanced reporting tools such as Crystal
Have a customised solution which exactly fits your business
Be able to use Sage 200 Business Intelligence and Manufacturing NOW
Have it backed by a reputable Sage strategic partner and a major UK-based hosting  company


All these things can be fulfilled through my business cloud ™ – and the element of control is not removed from you.  But, the technicalities and time-consuming handling of your data is taken care of on your behalf, freeing up your time to concentrate on business areas that really matter.


In moving to an online ‘server’, your data is held privately and backed up for unlimited access by you and your administrators, as and when you need it. It can be viewed as a smarter way to house data, that is integrated and certified. Highly versatile to your needs, ibex feels confident to offer an endorsed product that can boast your Sage software and all associated softwares. This is a very significant step to enabling Sage to be activated online, without compromising on its efficacy.  Software updates can occur independently and with minimal disruption, performance bottlenecks are eliminated and, operationally, this should all run streamlined and reliably.



What my business cloud ™  could mean for your business


Whilst Sage tackles the critical data issues and answers the need for controls and parameters of your data, other business considerations are satisfied by an online hosted infrastructure acting to offer staff efficiency, a non-restrictive cashflow, results that outweigh the costs and a more mobile business model overall. Because Sage falls central to your business, my business cloud™ appreciates the need to be complementary to a host of software suites that are effective within your business. my business cloud fits into your business model, designed to complement existing activities and respect functions that occur as the norm day-to-day.


The features incorporated within this option can progress your business and the way it runs. Improve your bottom line, whilst enabling your staff more access to your information. Work collaboratively through a cloud-based solution, do away with costly capital equipment, networking issues and servicing, and make your business run smoother and towards a better goal. Most importantly, your expenditure is minimal for the exemplary service provided by a cloud host.

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