What is it

Cloud-based solutions needn’t be scary.  You can use the ‘cloud’ via the internet to access a valuable business resource in housing your data and business systems, as an alternative to an on-premise server.  


my business cloud ™ has been introduced by ibex to enable all your critical business data and processes to be held within the cloud, without compromise,  so they still work for you, as they would offline.   From Sage to third party add-ons, all your activities can be supported by the cloud, as your server would ordinarily do so, yet my business cloud ™ offers you a solution that requires little set up, maintenance costs or on-premise equipment.


my business cloud ™  offers a platform where you can have ALL your familiar applications in one place: the cloud.  In addition, you have full control over the whole platform, as well as ensuring you enjoy the benefits of an integrated Sage system avoiding unnecessary duplication as your other applications, such as CRM or order processing, can link to your accounts.


Outright, my business cloud™ will accommodate your Sage software and make it easily accessible wherever you are, plus migrate all your other systems with it, all within one internet-hosted environment.  To access this system you can use whichever device/s is/are available to you and your staff, including iPad, iPhone and any Android based phone/tablet.  Work in synergy with my business cloud ™.



Server Solutions


The cloud poses a very real business option when seeking an alternative to a traditional, on-premise  server.  The cloud is relatively limitless in capacity and has ‘big data’ capabilities, you get more for your money and your data is handled more efficiently and dynamically. New from ibex, my business cloud  is cloud computing for all your software, delivering on your Sage Accounting and other data requirements, all together, in one place.


‘The cloud’ may be thought of as en vogue and a catching trend, but this doesn’t mean it is a flash in the pan, nor an impractical option.  This can be a feasible – and legitimate – route for your business that does not ultimately depend on an on-premise server.


You have the data; ibex has the solution to deliver a benefit-rich product that  does not involve costly expenditure and maintenance contracts, that doesn’t experience accessibility issues or jeopardise your data in any way.  A solution that offers the same benefits of a server but without the overheads.  Be confident that your business is fluid and resilient with my business cloud™ to fulfill the remit of software provision and safe data housing.



What my business cloud could mean for your business


Take advantage of the latest developments in technology and move your Sage and associated systems to the cloud.  No longer do companies like your’s need to maintain their own on-premise servers with all the costly maintenance and upgrades that is entailed.  Pay as you go with my business cloud, and manage the costs of the service monthly.  ibex has partnered with one of the UK’s leading hosting companies to provide a multi-platform solution that operates best for you.  



my business cloud ™ is best for you by:


Taking the hassle away from having to change or upgrade your servers on a regular basis.

Changing IT spend from Capex to Opex, i.e. from large capital sums to flexible monthly payments.

Being able to use any device to access your Sage – or any other system – used by your company.

Being able to access your systems from anywhere; in the office, on-site or remotely from home without having to have a complex server configuration.

Being able to easily collaborate with your colleagues, customers and partners.

Delivering a new way that your business can operate and so maximising growth, capitalising on employee productivity and generating a new work ethic.


The migration of your systems, including Sage software, and internal procedures to this type of server platform needn’t be a headache either.  ibex can capably assist in the transition to cloud-based services seamlessly and without delay.




Next steps 


Ask yourself:


Are you looking for an alternative to your server?  Do you require an upgrade solution that could spell the start of a new stage in your company’s plan, yet a new replacement server seems above and beyond your capabilities at the moment?  Do traditional server solutions not answer all your needs – and you are interested in alternatives, but still question the feasibility of these?


You know all about the Sage software that is best for you, but how do you see this fitting into your current IT set-up?


Sage software is as flexible as your business can be, and used within my business cloud, you will see your operations move with your business and find a way that suits progressive growth. 


Enjoy a dedicated server that houses all your critical data in a secure and virtual way, without compromising on the performance nor the speed at which it can be accessed.  Seeking the best of mobile and small device functionality and accessibility, but whilst handling big data and dynamic business decisions, you could end up with a solution that answers objectives on cost-savings, operational efficiencies, increased productivity and employee engagement, plus, the ability to take advantage of a highly-reliable and sustainable newly-found business resource.











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