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So, my business cloud ™ presents itself as a feasible alternative to the traditional server type, yet is it right for your business?



Why Learn More?


A more in-depth look at the attributes to my business cloud ™ will provide the clarity you need when deciding to deploy it within your business .  Other companies are experiencing the benefits of my business cloud ™ ; the key features may match your needs; this innovative product could pave the way for a period of development within your business operations, whilst offering you the software support you need.


But, how can this be?

Why use my business cloud™


my business cloud ™ is an innovatively devised product that is introduced as a means to handle your Sage and associated software in a different way than just through your traditional server.   Taking into consideration a host of product features that would benefit you, the package presented as my business cloud ™ can be a fundamental tool in your business operations with limited installation and data migration considerations from the outset.  The process by which to enable your business accounts to function via the cloud is not a complicated idea for you to buy into.  Your business can still run without hitch, even with a new way of handling your data employed.


my business cloud ™  comprises:


 One central Sage Strategic Partner supporting your Sage software

The ability for your support and Sage license costs to be paid monthly

A platform for all your existing systems to be in the cloud

The ability for integration of third party products along with your Sage software, so an ‘all under one roof’ idea is exploited

A maintained control over your IT system that is not compromised by security concerns of online suppliers

Permissions to add-on whatever software you want to your accounts system

A maintained freedom of being able to run and integrate whatever software you want to your Sage system.


Compared to an on-premise solution, my business cloud ™  flexes to your needs, when you need it and can completely overhaul the way in which you do business, whereby you are not beholden to a server, nor restricted on the means by which you and your administrators access your data.  The costs of this working ethic are proportionate, rather than fixed outlays when dependent on an on-premise server.  Scaling up operations during busy times, and scaling down with a lighter work period, gives way to a pay-as-you-go service.  Without maintenance nor service contracts to oversee your IT, this cloud -based option is almost self-managing.  You relinquish the responsibility of maintaining the hosting, so freeing you up the time to gain full benefit from my business cloud ™.

Needless to say, the handling of your cloud-based solution is down to ibex, but the system is fluid and streamlined, so ensuring very little interference in its working is required, unlike a server that needs attention regularly, and physical space for all your hardware.


This online service closely mirrors that of the Sage desktop version, so your knowledge of its workings will not be new; you will not need additional training and so you will not need to endure any learning period.  You will be up and running in no time.


Innovation in cloud computing have accelerated interest in this remit, so by taking into account these benefits, ibex’s my business cloud™ is easily suited to businesses for many reasons besides.


Why use ibex?

ibex appreciate the benefits of trends and developments in virtualisation and the distribution of services, high speed internet access at lower cost, and a weaker economy, so requiring a need for a more fruitful solution that can answer greater needs.  ibex equally appreciate the need for security so my business cloud™ is hosted via a proprietary, private cloud (through data centres) so that a secure virtual network is specially devised to cater to the pay-for-access users.  The service is delivered to a select business group, with similar needs and an exclusive-use platform to undertake all Sage and complementary software activity schedules.


The goal is a scaleable solution that enables small to medium businesses the access to a infrastructure specially devised to house Sage and all other parts; a provision of IT solutions that work for an ‘app’ essentially, but one that is central to keeping your business afloat and in charge of its own accounting and cashflow.


If your cashflow is indeed critical to you day-to-day, make a decision that handles this, that equally, in turn, does not cost the earth.


Efficient to your needs, my business cloud™ maintains your data in an effective way, gaining big results for a fraction of the cost:


No Capex.

No future problems with operating system upgrades or patches.

ibex is a Sage Strategic Partner.

We are already hosting a number of Sage 50 and Sage 200 sites.

ibex is fully accredited for Sage 200, Sage Construction, Sage CRM and Sage 50.
ibex has vast experience in a variety of other business software types and knows those that you use can also be housed and supported by a cloud based access platform.


UKFast hosted environment – cloud solutions

We can offer our partnered UK datacentres for all your software data requirements, for that added peace of mind and security.  my business cloud ™ easily caters for the growing trend of BYOD (bring your own device) where colleagues want to use their own ipads, tablets, other, etc. We can provide a multi-vendor platform splitting your systems (typically Exchange, Sage & MS Office) between a number of independent providers to give you the flexibility you need – and the added security.




Fully supported by UKFast datacentres, their expertise are best suited to the requirements you will have in my business cloud ™.


Partnering with UK Fast, their eCloud offers you the IT resources you need as your business grows.  You have the ability to increase – as well as decrease – your IT resources as and when the need arises.  They guarantee 99.75% uptime.Use diesel generators in case of catastrophic power supply failure.

They provide a local daily backup for your peace of mind and to avoid vendor lock-in.



My business cloud ™greatly enables:



Realise the following benefits:


Access to the service from anywhere, the only need being an Internet connection.The simultaneous viewing, sharing and updating of data from multiple locations - ideal for when you’re on the move or for clients who work from various locationsA service where no additional hardware or software is required

.A service that requires no set up costs and no need for costly investment.The transfer and back-up of your clients’ accounts automatically and securely.The knowledge that software upgrades are included in your annual contract fee, so you’re always working with the latest legislation and within the scope of your business.

The quick and easy installation/migration of Sage software – and all other software you need can run smoothly in concurrence.

You can set your own user level access rights and permissions.

An inclusive automated back-up service.



Your Sage software is hosted by a cloud server that respects the integrity of your data and securely maintains its quality for its ongoing usage within your business.



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