With Sage 200 at the core of your business accounts, you will want to ensure that the rest of your company’s operations can be integrated, along with any existing or planned standalone systems.
The Sage 200 suite delivers a versatile product that suits your growing business. You can be confident that any migration of data, when upgrading to this software, is seamless and easily transferred due to a system that can handle more complex and dynamic business activities entirely.


If looking to upgrade to this platform, the next step is to ensure the Sage 200 software solution is going to work for you. To benefit from this solution fully, the key attributes to the Sage 200 suite outweigh the assumed hassle of its installation. The integration of Sage 200 is a very real consideration for your business, so be assured that investing in this installation needn’t be a worry. Sage 200 has been designed to take on board existing data housed within your current software and transfer this without risk or complication.


The end result is a clearer view, utilising data sourced cross-functionally and departmentally, for more informed decisions going forward, with efficiency and for a truer business perspective. Unlike software with less capability, Sage 200 is equipped to integrate successfully within your company. The pick-and-mix options to customise the product to your business needs certainly prove this software suite’s worth.


Being an integrated system you only need enter information once, and it will be used elsewhere in the system. Each data input is trackable, as given a unique reference, and can therefore be utilised within relevant modules, offering unlimited resource to all users within the company from sales to accounts, wherever they are based. The process is streamlined and efficient in this way. The system can handle an unlimited number of transactions which must mean that you are better informed. The software offers complete end-to-end process management.


The customisation of Sage 200 will make it simple and cost effective to deploy and maintain.



How to integrate

Sage 200 integration can be achieved using a number of different options that exist within the Sage ‘ecosystem’ to deliver successful completion of this task. The vision for the software is to offer a joined up world that is uncomplicated and simple to use. So, additional modules or add-ons can bespoke your solution to your needs.

The ibex commitment to you is that our pool of experienced consultants can advise you on the right option, to ensure you receive the expected service from the software and the desired output, with the least amount of burden on your business from the outset.

Integration options:

Sage Modules
Sage Add-ons
ibex Integration Services



Sage 200 Modules

Sage has a range of modules that integrate with Sage 200, some of which can be accessed via the Sage 200 menu system to provide a truly integrated /single-view system. The central Sage 200 system consists of:

Sage 200 Financials Platform (sales, purchase, nominal, cash book, business intelligence and CRM)

Sage 200 Commercials (stock, sales and purchase order processing)


In this guise, the new Sage 200 modules of Financials and Commercials consider a next-generation accounts and trading application within a wider suite of business management solutions. These modules collate and coordinate information sought from finance, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, service operations and more, within your hierarchy. They operate to enable a dominant standalone accounts and trading package, having evolved from their earlier versions as Sage MMS. Built on the .NET platform and using the most recent of Windows technology, Sage 200 Financials and Commercials Platforms are fully customisable, these two compatible modules can take into account a variety of one-click reporting functionality, data manipulation and process capabilities.



In addition, Sage has a range of more specific modules that will integrate with Sage 200 accounts, to extend its potential further, including:


Sage 200 Project Accounting & Management


As a flexible tool, your projects can be individually viewed in terms of profitability and management costs, to inform you of where to deliver cost savings and the return on investment potential achieved. An accurate, single-view approach can help you understand all facets of a project from overheads to staff expenses, expenditure and billing. Compatible with both on-line and on-premise hosting, projects can directly track through from conceptualisation to customer feedback at the point of completion.


Sage 200 Bill of Materials


An overview of the costs attributed to the production and after-the-fact recording of all the assemblies and sub-components of manufacture.


Sage 200 Payroll


Up-to-date and ready to handle the complex calculations of staffing and their employment remuneration benefits, whilst also complying with HMRC legislation. This is a comprehensive module that satisfies holiday entitlements, timesheets, over-time and other related tax components.




The payment technology that enables immediate transactions at no additional cost, whilst ensuring invoices are not left overdue or cashflow impacted. Fully compatible so that all users of the suite can access this information in a timely manner.


Sage HR


Employee information is housed in one place.


Sage 200 Manufacturing


This Sage 200 module aids the review of your stock and stock holding, materials, labour and processes. The expected outcomes ensure that efficiencies are recognised and resource utilisation is optimised.



Each module is a viable enhancement to the Sage 200 package. Each offers a new and business-related platform from which to launch additional benefits of the software that are geared to your needs. These all add up to create a complete view of your business.




Sage Add-ons


There are a growing number of Sage-approved add-ons (third-party products) that integrate with the Sage 200 business suite to address specific vertical markets or desired functionality. In order to provide a complete solution to our clients, ibex has utilised a number of these products including:


Spindle Professional (email and archive document retrieval)
Sicon WAP Web Authorisation providing data entry and approval processing for business documents, including Requisitions, Invoices, Expenses, Timesheets and Holidays
Eque2 Construction for Sage 200 (vertical market product for Construction industry)



Further information on the integration of such add-ons is upon application. ibex consultants can talk you through complementary software enhancements that can work within your customised Sage 200 installation. A variety of solutions exist to deliver Sage 200 as the significant business resource that it is.




Sage 200 Integration Services


Under our ‘Integration Services’, ibex provides a level of expertise in this area that previously has incorporated the integration of existing in-house systems and many other disparate systems. To date, we have integrated all sorts of systems to Sage saving our customers money and eliminating transcription errors. Get your staff undertaking jobs that improve your bottom line rather than keying data from one system to another.


We integrate information from databases, web order systems, spreadsheets, text files (CSV and others) and emails – amongst others. We can output Sage data into almost any format you require. Our software can update and extract from the following many other Sage modules, including Sales Ledger. The possibilities of the software are far-reaching, whilst the service ibex deliver maximises this for your own requirements.



Support for your system


Ensuring your systems keep running and are kept up to date, our all-encompassing ibex Systems Contract provides both software support and the provision of cloud services, including our own My Sage in the Cloud. We also provide a range of Professional Services to ensure you get the most from your Sage system.


Let us help in the alignment of your business processes in the most effective and efficient of ways. Without question, Sage 200 as an upgrade reflects a system your business needs in terminology and structures that are all too familiar.



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