Sage 200 On Premise


Sage 200 offers you the choice of online or on-premise software. If preferring to deploy on-premise, the options are plenty and the adaptability is ideal for your business model.  Albeit Sage 200 Online also offers considerable customisation, Sage 200 on-premise can answer your needs as follows.  Making the right choice for your business means considering a host of decisions.



Why choose…

an on premise solution?


The choice to pay upfront or as you go is available

You are equipped already or prefer to maintain your business data in house in a more traditional scenario

You’d like to ensure speed of operation is faster (if internet connectivity is a challenge)

You wish to continue using your existing IT infrastructure (Sage 200 on premise runs on your in-house server)

The need for greater IT maintenance is more abundant

You accept the responsibility of your own data and how it is housed, its security and back-up

You are able and willing to take on the investment and installation, plus the ongoing support.  You rely on the expertise of your IT resource currently employed

Your data can be capably held in an in-house solution, where your requirement is within manageable levels

The software, once deployed, is made to work for you

The stage at which your business is at is better suited to a one-off investment that makes it more economical for you, as opposed to waiting for longer-term rewards via the alternative

You are a regulated business, so data on site is preferable

Software already utilised or planned may not have a cloud provider to support its use, so an on premise software solution ensures that you can integrate with these systems with ease

You have or wish to tap into Business Intelligence, CRM & Manufacturing modules within Sage 200, all of which are not available via Sage Online

Updated enhancements to the Sage 200 suite allow for novel single sign in, only available with Sage 200 On premise.  This allows users to activate Sage 200 via their Windows ID, so both authentication and authorisation are verified for each user in one go.  All areas of the software (dependent on the allocated permissions) are accessible with ease and efficiency



The on premise traditional implementation of Sage 200 is overall supportive of Financials, Business Intelligence and Sage 200 CRM which form the core to your business needs.



To ensure the deployment of your Sage 200 suite is best deployed on premise, ibex can advise you on the route of installation and how it best suits your needs.  Considering the above points and with more in-depth help, ibex support services will ensure you get the best from the software in a way that suits you and your business.

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