Manage your customer relationships and sales conversion effectively with Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Designed to help you find new customers, close sales faster, and build more profitable relationships, Sage CRM is especially for small to medium businesses, being easy to use and quick to deploy, with a low cost of ownership, without compromising on features. Internet-hosted, Sage CRM is a system that can be adapted to accommodate your needs and any business changes that may affect the way in which you wish to deploy, any customisations to the system that you may action, or whether you add applications as you go. The hosting of Sage CRM allows for a whole array of options that take into account your business needs – and the need to access your data speedily and without fail.


Sage CRM looks across individual and collective efforts in sales, marketing and support functions to recognise efficiencies and identify potential profit streams.


Your business can benefit from the many applicable assets of this software, namely:


Calendar Management.

Complete Bi-directional Outlook Integration.

With Sage 200 CRM Sales, users can track leads from first contact to final sales closure.

Point-and-Click reporting and graphs are provided by Sage 200 CRM along with accurate and timely forecasts which are accessible by sales representatives and managers alike.

With Sage 200 CRM leads can be escalated and reassigned easily, follow-up activities can be automated and field-level security is a simple and straight-forward process.

Within Sage 200 CRM it is possible to enter a quote or an order remotely using the CRM interface.

The in-built workflow can be followed out-of-the box or customised to reflect your business process.

Integration with Sage 200 accounting modules is achievable.

Sage 200 CRM defines Cases as customer incidents or requests for technical assistance. Cases include Service Level Agreements.

Failure to abide by the time frame allocated to a Case will result in the trigger of an escalation process, such as informing the Support Manager that there is a case past its cut-off date.

An out-of-the-box customer self-service portal is also provided.


With this comprehensive approach to managing your customer relations, focused sales management and exceptional customer service is actively supported by targeted marketing activities. In short, all this is to ensure you are kept up-to-date with how your business is handling its interface with your customers and provides insight on improvements and where focus can pay off.


Sage CRM can be regarded in terms of modules Sales, Marketing & Customer Care as the core remit of this software. Each module provides a specifically tailored model by which to operate within the respective business area, that in turn inter-relates and works in conjunction with the other modules and tools of the software for a complete end-to-end CRM platform.



Sage CRM modules:


Sage CRM Sales


Use the reporting functions to maximise sales performance with tools to find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily; where reporting is delivered in a timely way so you know exactly how your sales force are performing

Structure how your team works , monitoring the timeliness of meetings and calls; defining sales and lead process for your business

Recognise opportunities in your customer base, whilst managing and tracking leads from first contact to final sale to ensure best ROI

Use in conjunction with Sage CRM Marketing and Sage CRM Customer Care to gain a complete view of your database. All information captured from all customers builds a better picture of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.



Sage CRM Marketing


Campaign management can be keenly executed, identifying key target segments and prospect lists, and can look at the specifics of activity to show real time results

With a complete 360 view on marketing activity, messaging can be developed to be apt and targeted, based on results of previous activity and information held on customers

Conceptualisation to closure of campaigns can be tracked at every milestone

Databases can be created to contain rich data on qualifying leads, so you can prioritise those that require attention. Never let any go cold or lost with this management tool

Direct mail can be issued against specific lists for targeted communications



Sage CRM Customer Contact


All customer information is kept up to date by within this system, is easily trackable and makes for better interaction at each opportunity

The data held is informative to future relations with your customers and service satisfaction can be enhanced by the efficiency you employ in knowing expectations and meeting these

Customer areas and log-ins offer a portal by which to interact and engage with your customers in a way that is convenient to them. Multiple channel opportunities exist for customers to log queries and status of their communications with you

Gauge the time in which you respond and resolve customer queries so future targets can be met


Further Info


How Sage 200 helps with sales and marketing

Focused Sales Management with the Sage 200 Suite

Exceptional Customer Service with Sage 200

Targeted Marketing Effectiveness with the Sage 200 Suite

Sage CRM can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems within the Sage 200 software

Compatible with Sage 200 v.2011


Runs on


Internet explorer, Google Chrome, FirefoxWindows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2

Prices from £785…


Support for your System


Ensuring your systems keep running and kept up to date. Our all encompassing ibex Systems Contract provides both software support and the provision of cloud services including our own My Sage in the Cloud. We also provide a range of Professional Services to ensure you get the most from your Sage system.




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