Sage 200 Bill of Materials


Track your bill of materials process with the Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BoM) module.  From start to finish, Sage 200 Bill of Materials helps you to breakdown the manufacturing operation into accessible areas – materials, labour, machines, operations, reports and so on.




Sage 200 BoM Key Features and Benefits


Enjoy a great many product features with Sage 200 BoM:


Accurate Costing – build in precise costs for each unit or build run. You can produce an accurately allocated proportion of a fixed cost / operating overhead based on an average number of units per run. Even when components change, the Sage 200 BoM module can automatically re-calculate. Furthermore, because you may have components that don’t use the standard costing method, any re-calculation of the rolled-up cost of the finished goods is done so upon allocation.


Flexible Nominal Ledger Analysis – stock use is easily summarised to a single line for each nominal account when posting to the Sage 200 Nominal Ledger. For more flexibility, you can also split out to multiple lines by component. By summarising nominal postings, Sage 200 can significantly reduce the volume of Nominal Ledger transactions, for improved performance and greater efficiency.


Manage Multiple Bills of Materials (BoM) Simultaneously – with Sage 200 Bill of Materials you can store and use multiple versions of a BOM, one of which is ‘live’ at a given time. To prevent duplication or error, Sage 200 only allows one person to edit or change a BOM at any one time and keeping a full change history as reference for other users.

With the Sage 200 Bill of Materials, old BOMs can be identified with options ‘Dead’ or ‘Obsolete’. Obsolete BOMs can be reactivated but not built from, and Dead BOMs can be permanently deleted as required.


Multiple Views of BOM Structures – the Sage 200 Suite is highly flexible to your needs and the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module is no different. Enormous flexibility is achieved through the viewpoints of BoMs available. Four different views of BOMs exist. The tree view allows you to drill-down through all levels and branches of the BOM. The top level view displays only the first level of components below the finished item. The bottom level view shows only the end points of each of the BOM branches. Consolidated view shows rolled-up totals of all components used.


Variable Build Options – other flexibility within this module exists for when it comes to build options. Sage 200 BoM can be configured to suit the way you work in terms of stock usage – to always build subassemblies, or always use from stock, or allow choice in each case. Picking lists can be produced at the time of allocation or separately.


Customised BOMs and ‘Specials’- the Sage 200 BoM allows for easy changes to existing item quantities, has the ability to replace individual items and enables you to add new ones when required. There’s a ‘Partial Build’ feature for those instances when you don’t need to build in all your raw materials. Plus, the Sage 200 Bill of Materials can handle those occasions where finished goods are built without having allocated raw materials first, for expedited builds.


Intuitive Operating Potential – this software module shares the same outstanding usability as the rest of the Sage 200 Suite with clear and decisive screens and intuitive navigation, making it easier for your staff to use the software. It is non-fussy and simplistic in its approach, yet offers the complex system processes you need. You will not compromise on capability, but will do away with overly complicated methods of operation.


Integrates Successfully with the Other Modules in the Sage 200 Suite – every module within the Sage 200 Suite provides streamlined and uncomplicated integration and the sophisticated business processes you want – all this within the familiar, flexible and dynamic Sage environment. The concept is simple – the Sage 200 Suite provides you with integrated software for every part of your business.





ibex is able to customise Sage 200 for your needs. We can also explore the other available options open to you with the new Sage 200 Suite, in terms of the context of your business, for a total integrated business management solution.


For more information on Sage 200 please contact ibex.

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