Sage 200 Commercials


Sage 200 Commercials is a module of the Sage 200 software suite seeking to provide the business insight of your customers and your interaction with them via transactions and service. This module concentrates efforts on effective stock management, customer order and purchase order processing, plus price book systemising and control.



Acting as a critical component of the Sage 200 suite, Sage 200 Commercials is essential in the sales process and supply chain management for your business, offering a complete overview in the fulfilling of customer orders effectively, whilst maintaining satisfaction. Sage 200 Commercials is invaluable to tracking progress across orders, stock control and delivery of service. Working in conjunction with Sage 200 Financials, there is the means by which to gauge efficiency and cost-savings in activity and see this carefully strike a balance with customer interaction in Commercials.



Piece-by-piece, each component of Sage 200 Commercials provides the necessary tools to enable a careful look at a host of business areas that can be keenly resolved with the correct information that is housed – or is to be entered – within this software.




Sage 200 Sales Order Processing (SOP)

You can control the entire order process from quote to invoice, taking into account stock availability and delivery and fulfilment. A simple completion of complex documentation; many milestones in the process generate automatic records. With Sage 200 being an integrated and all-encompassing business solution, chiefly concerned with business intelligence, financial perspective and customer relations, this component to the Sage 200 Commercials module can work in conjunction with other tools and applications within the suite to offer up currency-specific documents or that maintain stock accounts and invoice paper trail.




Sage 200 Purchase Order Processing (POP)


Manage your purchase order process effectively and cohesively. From creating the PO to checking goods received, this process is maintained in an astute way, that produces automated documents that cross-relate to other required modules. Your stock control is efficiently managed without complication, giving you the peace of mind that this area of business is covered.



Sage 200 Stock Control

As well as a clear look via Sage 200 POP, this component that references stock control is a comprehensive business solution to warehouse management. Full accountability and cost control makes this a useful tool on the Sage 200 Commercials platform, as you see a complete picture of the scenario at any given time.



Sage 200 Price Book


This component of Sage 200 Commercials supports your business’ pricing structures and manages the way in which your discounts and price-based customer decisions are managed. Removing the hassle of multiple pricing hierarchies, Price Book allows for the set-up of defaults and discount thresholds that are uniform across respective customer groups. Complex pricing is simplified, whilst remaining highly customisable to your needs. The versatility offered makes for a true business pricing solution and an indication that the software is growing with your business.




Why add Sage 200 Commercials to your package?


Efficient warehouse and stock control helps in managing costs
The entire remit of processes is managed to give confidence and efficiency
There are a variety of automated documents that can be produced to give you the supply management tools you need and the reference points required to manage milestones and track business activity
Default calculations can be set-up for easy use
Your people involved in these such processes have the tools needed to do the job
Your commercial overview will be comprehensive and delivered to you in a useable and useful way.





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