Sage 200 Financials


Sage 200 Financials is a module of the Sage 200 software suite that offers key controls of costs and processes in order to drive your business forward. Your data will be up-to-date and at your fingertips, so administrators of the systems and the end users are all assured of latest developments within your business operations. The analysis tools of this module work alongside the tracking capabilities, so to make informed and important strategic decisions knowing you have a complete overview of all that is going on and that notice cost efficiencies.



Sage 200 Financials works in conjunction with Sage 200 Commercials for a unique look at how your business is performing strategically, financially and with a view on stock/ order management. Transactions can closely relate to the costs involved in customer interaction and sales; your accountability is greatly enhanced and achievable margins better seen.



The flexible tools within Sage 200 Financials adds a perspective necessary to administer Nominal Ledger, Cash Book, Sales and Purchases Ledgers for a best practise accounts solution. The upkeep of these can all be managed in a systematic and logical fashion to produce documents that are complete and professional.


Analysis and strategy are better informed by a software suite that suits your business and the way you operate. Together the components that make up Sage 200 Financials give an overview of a fully integrated accountancy software suite, that offers an effective way to run your business’ processes.



Sage 200 Financials Components



Sage 200 Nominal Ledger 


Your current business position is seen through reports that are derived from multi-level and structural cost centre and environmental breakdowns. Many factors can come into play, interrelating to allow for the quick and efficient processing of transactions. VAT returns are simplified and legitimate; your money in versus your money out can be viewed in real time; this critical tool is integrated fully so all your accounts are tied up and your Financials suite comprehensive to your needs.



Sage 200 Cash Book


This component is designed as a means to control your banking and investment needs, across currencies if necessary, and fully automated to e-banking if this is your choice. Cash Book takes into account standing orders and direct debits so these are never missed and automated, your complete banking needs are handled whilst being customised to your own business and any processes in place. Have complete control of your cash flow with this component, and achieve peace of mind.



Sage 200 Sales & Purchase Ledger


Your invoicing processes and accountability of debtors and creditors are looked at in an efficient and effective way with this component. Credit control is high on the agenda, yet need not be a chore. These ledgers are assured to be accurate and consistent; the management of credit control is effective. Sage 200 Sales and Purchase Ledger is complete with a variety of tools for a clear view on inflow and outflow.



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