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As an essential means of communication, mobile access and use within your business is probably now commonplace today than ever before. The modern business and Sage 200 Mobile (now available on iPhone) extends the reach of Sage 200 data beyond the office to the mobile workforce, or for those workers that need access from a variety of locations, including the home. Sage 200 Mobile has been specifically designed to be compatible for Accounts and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software users who are not always office-based. The provision of relevant timely business data in a read only format, can be accessed easily by those field based staff, allowing better use of time when away from the office environment.


What is a Mobile ERP system and how it will benefit you



Where ERP is no longer considered a luxury and thought of as mission critical to a business such as your’s, a mobile ERP solution could help you extend the reach of your day-to-day activities if:


You want to better and maintain efficiencies and cost save
You want to provide your workforce with a tangible competitive advantage when out and about
You want to give workers the ability to update information when on the go
You want to capitalise on the mobile device(s) used by your business and maximise their usage


A significant consideration for your business when contemplating “going mobile” is the element of data security. By its very nature, the information stored within an ERP system tends to be sensitive and you would not want  it compromised through ill-equipped security measures. With Sage 200 Mobile you can be assured your data security will not be threatened. The remote data access from mobile devices and technologies used have been fully audited to high standards, to offer the peace of mind you need.


Sage 200 Mobile Features

Create a more connected working environment through Sage 200 Mobile, whilst providing users with the tools to work smarter and for a more productive and cost effective workforce going forward.

Sage 200 Mobile is best used to perform the following searches:


Stock Items


Additionally, Sage 200 Workspaces can be viewed using Sage 200 Mobile, in terms of:


Sales Revenue Position
Cash Position
Project Position
My Sales Summary


Sage 200 Mobile Benefits




No Additional Cost – if you already have Sage 200 installed within your business, Sage 200 Mobile can be enabled at no extra cost for an unlimited number of users.
Increased Productivity – improve the Sage 200 user’s ability to operate efficiently. Even when away from the office, enable your workforce the freedom to work more effectively and get the most from their IT investments and resources.
Achieve Enhanced Integration – extend the flow of data throughout your organisation with the mobile workforce having visibility of business information while on the move. Access financial data to view debtors and creditors, customer, stock and project data at the touch of a button.
Achieve a More Flexible Mobile Workforce – with the added ability to view data anytime, anywhere Sage 200 Mobile users have the flexibility to work whilst travelling. Those staff members that are out and about regularly can access data essential to their role so that they can remain connected at all times wherever they be.
Manage Pipeline Remotely – Sage 200 Mobile allows you to view SOP and CRM data while on the move, check sales quotes and manage sales pipelines regardless of location, but reasonable to the time and occasion.
Achieve Improved Customer Satisfaction – a fully informed mobile workforce can adeptly respond to customer requests in real time. View complete data from contact details and order history, through to credit limits and debtors.
Ensure Confidence in Security – Sage 200 Mobile uses multiple Sage technologies and online services to provide remote access to your stored data. Independent audits have been carried out on the services and infrastructure used by Sage to ensure data held within this software suite is not compromised when accessed from a mobile device.


For more information on Sage 200 Mobile please contact ibex.


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