Sage 200 Online


Sage 200 was launched to offer your business complete flexibility and choice. The product is highly customisable to your needs, and one significant option available is your choice of deployment, Sage On-premise or Sage Online.



Whilst you can employ a variety of different modules and add-ons to the standard suite, you can tailor the way in which you access your accounting software also, to totally ensure the product suits you in every way.



As your business grows, the number of users of this central software suite may increase, with some working remotely or logging into the system from different platforms, desktop or web client. Running on a Windows Azure platform, this enables a greater network of users, with all your critical business resource housed in a cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere at anytime. A cloud-based business connection enables your business to run efficiently and to your needs.


Equally, the benefits of the Sage 200 suite provide greater versatility in which unlimited staff members can access all different information without complication, the cloud-based deployment option can adapt the way your business works to manage this business growth and user responsibility.





At the heart of this growth may be the added need to embrace next generation business solutions, but this need not be as costly an investment as you may think, nor as risky. Sage Online allows for this unique access point, where none of the security issues exist, where much of your business can run effectively without the definite need for an on-premise set-up. This multi-tenancy solution provides altogether optimum flexibility – and it does not carry the premium associated with traditional online solutions.


Sage 200 has been designed to offer a reduced cost of entry, without compromising on the benefits of a shared infrastructure. Windows Azure operates as a highly resilient and secure online solution, and Sage 200 does not suffer from its association. It allows your usage of Sage 200 to scale up or down within your cycle of transactions and activity.




But, how is this different to a Sage On-premise version? Sage Online versus Sage On-premise…


Why select…an on-premise solution?


You’d like the option to pay upon installation or as you go

You’d much rather maintain business data in-house

Your internet connectivity is sometimes a challenge, so the need to ensure speed of operation is consistent. Perhaps your users will only access the Sage 200 software in-house

You anticipate using your existing IT infrastructure (Sage 200 On-premise operates on your in-house server)





Why select…an online solution?


You’d rather pay monthly so as to reduce initial capital expenditure in one outlay

You’re looking for a solution that offers accessibility by a variety of users, anywhere, at anytime

You want a solution can ‘kick in’ when needed to match your busy periods and peak times

You’d like a solution that requires no or a minimal IT maintenance contract





Both versions will have pros and cons: these may be better discussed with ibex to ensure you receive the best customised product to your specific requirements. ibex can advise on the best installation route given your situation and the necessary costs involved.


We can also give an indication of which modules are available on which version. But, briefly, online modules include financials, commercials, BOM, project accounting and WTE, whilst those not available to be housed within the cloud range from Manufacturing, CRM & Business Intelligence modules.


Don’t read this as a barrier to investment, but merely an alternative perspective to how Sage 200 suits you.




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