Sage 200 Project Accounting


As a bolt-on module to Sage 200, this highly configurable costing and analysis tool kit is designed for you to reconcile each project on costs versus profit. The functions available within Sage 200 Project Accounting make for in-depth analysis and resourceful reporting features to make sure your projects remain on target and profit levels are monitored.





Key features and benefits of Sage 200 Project Accounting


Versatile project accounting


Sage 200 Project Accounting can offer you a choice in how to manage your projects. Whatever the project type, whether it’s time and materials, fixed price or a combination of the two, this system negates the need for the running of multiple project tracking systems.

Each project can be managed via an array of templates or customisable versions to make them your own. A drilled-down approach can enable unlimited sub-projects and related sales orders and quotations can be automatically converted into these for ease.

All costing structures and scenarios are handled by Sage 200 Project Accounting. The variables within the costing models can be adjusted to your needs to simplify projects and ensure these are error-free.

Sage 200 Project Accounting can be configured to be responsible for its own budget, and be devised to use terminology that you and your teams use every day, so making it tailored to you The performance of your projects answers your criteria and allows for different users to act as different statuses.

Sage 200 Project Accounting enables you to track the milestones of each project at each stage of its lifecycle and to keep performance indicators.



Resource management made simple


Time management and the control over costs is paramount with Sage 200 Project Accounting. The process from submitting to approving timesheets and expense claims is easy and automatic.

Sage 200 Project Accounting can be conveniently integrated with Sage 200 Payroll to offer a host of options in the reimbursement of expenses and other. Your employee data is maintained accurately.

With Sage 200 Project Accounting, staff information can also be entered directly and without duplication – particularly for staff not listed on your standard payroll system, this is a useful tool. The software lets you categorise employees into a resource hierarchy where each employee or group can be allocated a variety of different charge out rates. Plus, all timesheets can be submitted in a timely manner no matter if staff are on-site or working remotely.



Accurate cost control and project analysis


Sage 200 Project Accounting is configured to link seamlessly with all other modules in the Sage 200 Suite, meaning your view of the information generated against projects from within other Sage 200 modules is monitored for the ultimate in cost control.

Project status is easily seen with Sage 200 Project Accounting, either as topline projects or drilled-down at individual level. Information wherever it lies within the project hierarchy is easily accessed and the search function make it simple.
Sage 200 Project Accounting also features informative enquiry screens that let you really understand your data, in terms of progress made, costs incurred, revenue received, variances, profitability and the like, at every level and with a clear view.

The reporting functions allow you to design how it is you see your results. Defaults are available too, so you can review and manipulate data with ease and in a way that suits.




Flexible billing


Each project is treated in its own right within Sage 200 Project Accounting, acknowledging that no two projects are ever the same. Your customers’ requirements from you vary and particularly concerning billing. So, where some may prefer fixed pricing, others may prefer to be billed at appropriate milestones.

You can create billing templates and schedules that work for you. Billing can be manually or automatically instructed for greater ease and reassurance.

Importantly, Sage 200 Project Accounting tracks and monitors your costs at every project milestone. A detail backing sheet exists to allow project managers to check and agree costs for accurate invoicing and agreement of costs.





Your projects are overseen via a capable and highly sophisticated software module, that importantly works for your business and those accountable, but also in alignment with your existing systems. Integrate with your other chosen Sage 200 modules for a comprehensive look at how your business works.











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