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Sage 200 v2013



In answer to calls from users and customers of Sage, at the end of 2013 Sage 200 v2013 was launched. Offering greater choice and freedom, this updated accounting software suite now builds on the flexibility of previous editions and provides users with more features that suit how the product is used day-to-day.


New deployment and payment options make Sage 200 2013 more accessible to small and medium sized businesses than ever before.


The customisable features make it an ideal software choice.



Deployment Options available in Sage 200 2013


On-premise – traditional implementation of Sage 200 is based on a one-off payment for software. Sage 200 Financials, Business Intelligence and Sage 200 CRM modules form the core of the suite with option to include additional Sage 200 modules tailored to your business’ needs.


NEW Sage 200 Online*– as opposed to the on-premise option, Sage 200 Financials, Commercials, Project Accounting and Bill of Materials (BOM) modules form part of the cloud-based Sage 200 implementation. This seemingly server-less option is accessible via a web browser, where the cost of hardware is omitted and an affordable pay monthly payment structure available.


NEW Subscription* facility – if a more ‘happy medium’ is more desirable to that of the above 2 options, an on-premise Sage 200 package, including all Sage 200 modules can now be deployed with the benefit of pay monthly “subscription”. Essentially this is a lease-type option and offers a pay-as-you-go, flexible payment plan.


Which deployment option is right for you? An ibex consultant will be happy to talk through your options in more detail, with your specific business and needs in mind.


You can manage the way you deploy this Sage accounting software suite, whilst managing the cost to your business.



New Features in Sage 200 2013


Support for Windows 8 - Sage 200 2013 is up-to-the-minute and fully supported by the most recent of Windows and Internet Explorer platforms. Available through Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, your Sage 200 can work in conjunction with the latest technology.

Web Only Users – access to Sage 200 2013 has been newly added to this software for these users. Web only users who may only need light access to Sage 200 can enter timesheets and expenses, authorise orders, or view data.

Improved Workspaces – as opposed to the traditional list view, access to workspaces are now the default view in Sage 200 2013. Productivity is enhanced by this level of access and can be role-specific, so greatly particular to the user.

Single Sign-on – there is no need to have multiple log in details per individual:Sage 200 2013 enables users to log in their Sage software via their Windows ID, making for greater efficiency and greater ease.

Office 365 Integration – as with the support offered to Sage 200 by your latest Windows and Internet software in your workplace, the latest version of Office (365) is also compatible with this latest version of Sage 200,so making full use of all your technology.


Sage 200 Module Enhancements




Financials and Commercials
Sage 200 2013 makes for improved cash flow management with new reporting tools.
Extending cash flow reporting ensures Sage 200 2013 can produce for you short term cash flow projections.
With free text options now available for credit notes, you have the enhanced functionality across different screens, when previously only available within the Sales Ledger.


Sage 200 CRM
New to Sage 200 CRM in v2013, marketing campaigns can be run to recognise customer purchases made previously.
Improved synchronisation within Sage 200 v2013 shows better status reporting and easy identification when a sync has failed and quick re-linking


Data is now available for use and actioning within workspaces, not just the menu and list screens.
Bill of Materials workspaces are now enabled for web access in Sage 200 2013. Convenient access anytime anywhere to all is now provided through this capability.



Find out more about Sage 200 2013, please contact ibex.


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