Sage 50 (2014)

Ensure you always have the latest version of your software. Whether it be a new installation or an update to your current version, Sage 50 (2014) has been launched to offer the best experience of this most commonly used software package available.


Make informed decisions, experience streamlined processes, and get everyone working together with Sage 50 Accounting 2014. The more flexible tools and personalised features within this new version ensures Sage 50 helps you improve work flow, internal communications, and collaboration. Your analytical capabilities will be enhanced, the ability to provide better customer service improved, and will keep your information secure.




As the UK’s market-leading accounts software, Sage 50 is easy to get started and puts you in complete control of your finances, customers, suppliers and VAT, freeing up more time to run your business.




Clearer benefits as provided by Sage 50 (2014) include:


A simple company setup procedure with the provision to customise your software to match your business

Clear, simple and jargon-free language throughout

Step-by-step walk-throughs of key processes, such as Year End and VAT returns that are simple and easy to follow, so ensuring you do these right
The ability to upload Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx) and .csv files and ensure these are compatible



Sage 50 (2014) will fit your business:

Reports are easily customised and relate to you

Single user and single company licence included as standard (with an additional users option if required)

Enable the management of innumerable company accounts (additional company options if required)

Easy set up of Chart of Accounts

Enables the control of budgets for key areas of your business & forecasts cash flow productively

Options to customise access levels and preferences for different users within your business

With an integrated diary to help manage your time and meet important deadlines

Keeps your data safe with easy backup

Inclusion of Sage Pay – to send and receive online payments

Inclusion of Sage 50 CIS – to keep up-to-date with CIS legislation



Sage 50 Accounts 2014 has taken into account anecdotal and user feedback of previous versions, whilst developing features that vastly improve how your business operates hereon. Sage 50 has grown into such a distinctive package that meticulous records of support calls and wishlist requests has informed product research enough to deliver a better equipped and user-friendly software suite in this latest version, 2014, whilst retaining the best features from before.


For example, in response to 56% of customers having concerns about getting their VAT returns wrong, the development of new VAT tools for the 2014 edition were born. The new Manage VAT module considers the process of preparing a return, identifying and reconciling transactions and making any necessary adjustments very efficiently. With a process that is simple and intuitive, this new tool will be greatly received. The reporting tools, equally, offer a more conducive procedure to ordinarily laborious tasks.




Another area that sees greater consideration in Sage 50 Accounts 2014 is stock management. This application has been equipped with a stock wizard that can take the effort out of many tasks concerned with stock-taking, end of year routines, the removal of stock transactions and records, or to clear stock on an individual product. Alternatively these processes can be done by hand. It just goes to show that the system holds a vast array of data that can be manipulated to suit a variety of your tasks, and can be actioned in a way that suits you.



Sage 50 Accounts, this latest 2014 version, has been designed to consider multi-currency issues for those companies that trade overseas also. A Foreign Trader set-up wizard comes as standard with the Professional edition of Sage 50 Accounts, and is available as an optional extra for the basic versions. Your invoicing will not fail to be accurate and to the correct currency from here on in.



If you are a charity user, Sage 50 Accounts 2014 can record and track donations under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS). It will produce a Gift Aid and submission report that can be filed electronically with HMRC, without hassle.



Several other new tools also help to streamline the data management tools, including changing your financial year options as required, which might help if you switch accounting dates or if transactions are processed within the wrong tax year in error. Data maintenance also now includes more tools for users to archive their data at a time that suits, rather than just during the year-end routine. Data checks can be run within this and the re-indexing and compressing of data can be performed if needed. This scenario was recently flagged as a concern for previous Sage 50 editions, and so has been duly updated to rectify this as a result. All these features are welcome, and obviously satisfy the needs of existing users.
So, if Sage 50 is the product for you, the 2014 version can offer a great variety of added attributes that elevate this above any previous version. As a new installation, Sage 50 (2014) is a keen purchase, offering a complete suite that can be central to your accounting needs. As an upgrade, this is a much welcome update to an already comprehensive package, with a great number of new resources and tools available to promote a better business solution.

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