Sage 50 Accounts


Formerly known as Sage Line 50, Sage 50 Accounts should not be thought of as merely an accounts software like any other. This fully-integrated small business accounting software suite provides a business management solution encompassing the tools to comprehend and overcome a variety of financial concerns in a timely, cost-effective and efficient way.





Three variants of Sage 50 Accounts exists to give you the choice and solution that is best suited to your business needs.


Sage 50 Accounts is for access by up to 2 users and has all standard features of an accounts software that manages customers and suppliers. An instant view is enabled on your accounts at any given time, with inbuilt capabilities that reduce the occurrence of human error, yet allow for an interface that is streamlined and user-friendly. Through its use, accounts processing is achieved in better time and through better means, with an end result that is comprehensive and clear in its view of your business activity, transactions and customer relations.


Sage 50 Accounts Plus is again suitable for use by up to 2 administrators, has all the features of the standard Sage 50 Accounts package, but with the added benefit of stock and management tools. With stock control as a keen requirement, this would be the best solution for your business. The access levels give more than one person the opportunity to view the information held with this software suite simultaneously with another.


Sage 50 Accounts Professional is a significant step-up from the Sage 50 Accounts Plus with a variety of additions that offer better functionality for sales and purchase order processing, project management and foreign trading. Access can be granted for up to 10 users in this version and so with this enhanced package, an optimised small business financial management software suite answers the ultimate of needs.


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