Sage 50 Accounts – In Detail

Find out more about what Sage 50 Accounts software can do for your business. In this package, experience the help and simplification provided in managing your day-to-day finances, customers, suppliers and VAT.


Ideal for established small to medium sized businesses who need to take more control of their finances.





Get up and running

Sage 50 Accounts speeds up business processes and minimises human error, where data only needs to be entered once or  up-to-the-minute on-screen snapshots of financial information can be established at a glance.  Two people can work on the accounts at any one time, effectively doubling the speed of progressing the accounts.  Other key features include:


Easy set-up and use from the start, including for simple networking for the multi user version
Tutorial videos/ help centre available for demonstrations, if in any doubt
Software updates are automatic – and RSS feeds keep you informed of these and of any other news
Reports can be customised and within your own parameters to suit the needs of your business
Integrate with your Webstore (using Sage Pay)
Dashboards work intuitively to provide a broad and timely overview of your finances, customers, suppliers and stock
The inbuilt backup features create an environment to keep a regular check on your data for errors and to ensure it is safe
Manage permissions per user and restrict access to different areas of the program for those that it is not necessary – keep your sensitive business data confidential, and on a need-to-know basis


Manage your stock

Dashboards are set-up to provide an at-a-glance overview of your table of top performing products, as well as stock levels and values to help in informing your decisions
Maintain a complete store of all your important stock information, including product codes, descriptions, categories and pricing details
Quickly view your stock levels when creating invoices – and see automatic updates made to levels once invoices are posted against stock


Manage your suppliers

Dashboards are set-up to provide an at-a-glance overview of your supplier cash allocation, monies outstanding, your debtors and tasks for the day
Batch recording of your purchase invoices is enabled
View to whom you owe money and as to when its due
Access account activity and communications with ease, keeping all these in one place
Supplier information can be stored in one place (addresses, contacts and credit information) for quick reference
Use a number of reporting tools to analyse your supplier debt, activity and performance within your set parameters
Intelligent search features quickly search your customer records for easy look-up


Technical requirements

2GHz processor or equivalent
2GB of free disk space (additional space is required for data files)
Network users only: 1Gbps network (100 Mbps min.)


Supported Operating Systems
All 32 or 64-bit variants of Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 or Server 2008.


Other requirements
Integrates with Microsoft Office® 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32-bit edition)
Internet Explorer v7 or higher
Internet connection
Anti-Virus software should be configured to exclude Sage files from its scanning routines


Note: Please ensure all the latest Microsoft Updates are installed.


VAT made easy

An inbuilt VAT help centre that prepares, reconciles and verifies VAT returns, ensuring compliance with HMRC
Flat Rate VAT and VAT Cash Accounting are managed with ease
Any EU sales can be carefully managed via ECSL management conforming to HMRC regulations


Manage your finances

Link with your accountant and share information electronically
Keep a sound track of your Balance Sheet and view Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports for complete management
View and control budgets from all key areas of your business
All recurring transactions can be set-up to generate in a timely fashion
Step-by-step guide to processing your Year End and Month End ensure all is in order
Stipulate a lock date with an inbuilt feature so as to prevent users from posting transactions before a set date
Manage multiple currencies with the Foreign Trader module (additional charge applies)



Sage 50 Mobile – free mobile app

Connect your devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry to your live Sage 50 Accounts data
Customers, suppliers, finances and products & pricing can all be managed on the move
Use the full functionality of your mobile device in order to create quotes and invoices
Keeps your data secure – 128 bit encryption


Sage 50 Accounts Pulse

Instant insight on your Windows 8 device
Ideal for people outside your Finance Dept who need to see financial summaries at a glance
Just £4.99 per month*

Please ask ibex for further details


Manage your customers

Capable dashboards that allow you to see where your money is, what’s outstanding, aged debt and tasks for the day
Quotations and invoices can be created to a professional template
Options to add a ‘pay now’ buttons to email invoices, statements and debt chase letters
Build in profit as a feature on each quote or invoice to provide best insight before you commit
Maintain all your customer information in one place, including addresses, contacts, bank details and activity
Template flexible discounts and apply to win business


Sage e-Banking

Manage your cash flow with impressive Sage e-Banking platform. A whole new level of cash control for your business can be achieved:

Complete and rapid online bank reconciliation can be handled with your accounts software
Accurate electronic payments can be made using your accounts software

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