Sage 50 Forecasting

As part of your regular business reviews, forecasting is vital in ensuring that you are prepared for what might happen in the future, taking into account current situations and potentials for change.  Through accurate forecasting, you are working to ensure your business is forever competitive and working to optimum capacity.  You can ensure that any problems that may arise can be – and will be – dealt with successfully.


Sage 50 Forecasting gives you that advantage.  Taking a view on what may happen in relation to your business finances, you can predict your cash flow cycle so as to capitalise or take preventive action at critical times.  With in-built functionality of trusted tried and tested formulae that can pinpoint times of good and bad, you will have the tools to forecast effectively, for the benefit of your business.


Successfully – and fully – integrated with your Sage 50 Accounts package, this module gives you the facility to test various scenarios as a means to forecast and combat your ‘what if’ potential.  In so doing, you can trial real-time figures for that all-important realistic view, and find a best-available forecast.


Sage 50 Forecasting allows you to predict how price rises, new ventures, expanding your employee base and external environmental factors could affect your cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheets.  Illustrate these perspectives with  graphical representations for a clear and powerful indication  of the impact on your business if these scenarios were to happen.


What is it and how will it work for you?


With Sage 50 Forecasting, have the confidence to make business decisions with greater levels of insight.  Sage 50 Forecasting allows you to tailor your forecasting around whichever departments that suit you.  Choose between daily, weekly and monthly forecasts, so reporting is suited to your needs and appropriate to what you wish to address at any given time. With this in mind, Sage 50 Forecasting is an effective way to ensure that you are set up for the unexpected.  Pre-set  formulae cover a vast array of business scenarios, so you can be prepared for any eventuality, good or bad – and take the necessary action, as needed .


As part of the Sage 50 Suite, Sage 50 Forecasting is one module in this multi-modular accounting resource.  The other modules can be selected, based on your needs, to form a complete software package that suits your business as it stands, or add-on modules as your business changes or grows.  Your requirements in the future may be different to now, but Sage 50 can accommodate these, when you need them.



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