Sage 50 Job Costing

If your business works out charges based on costs for time, material, labour or other project costs, then Sage 50 Job Costing software is designed specifically with you in mind.  Through its use, you can track these costs and automatically generate customer invoices based on how they are charged. Sage 50 Job costing also gives you an insight through the ability to calculate how much each individual job costs and where money could be saved.  Take advantage of making informed decisions about how to make jobs more profitable.


Full integration can be achieved with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll so you have an accurate perspective on how much jobs are likely to cost, based on previous ones or pre-set criteria already entered into the system.   Sage 50 Job costing allows you to set the prices to cover your expenses and make a profit, thresholds can be set and project/ job measures standardised.  Complete all of your cost accounting, with maximum accuracy and minimum effort, with Sage 50 Job Costing and see all necessary transactions – including customer records, ledgers and profit and loss – automatically update across this module and those other integrated Sage 50 modules entirely.


What is it and how will it work for you?


 Outline and monitor all cost elements of every job

With up to 10 analysis codes you can accurately track and diagnose your costs

Full integration achievable with Sage 50 Accounts, meaning that costs, timesheets and billing information need only be entered once, so removing duplication and saving time

Full integration achievable with Sage 50 Payroll enabling wage costs to be entered against a given job

Split costs by their constitution component, e.g. labour, materials, other, enabling you to specifically report on these categories for easier analysis

Track the progress of jobs, including significant milestones to enable summarisation of costs and revenue and budgets at any given juncture

Monitor time investment per  job

Generate invoices automatically based on billing methods and project costs

Improve your cash flow by posting invoices against jobs as and when you like

Create a host of management reports through a simple process

Simultaneous user capability at any given time

Raise purchase orders against individual jobs so you can see the costs attributed to each, for useful analysis and cost control

Take a view on budgeted costs, and those committed to, but are yet to be paid

Batch your timesheets for payment in totality,  rather than entering all the details on an individual basis



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