Sage 50 Manufacturing


Small to medium sized businesses can benefit from Sage 50 Manufacturing. A software module that has been developed especially for quick and easy set up, with ready-to-use features, Sage 50 Manufacturing is the perfect business solution for those who want a product that works effectively straight from the outset.


Comprising of 4 main parts, Sage 50 Manufacturing includes Sage 50 Bill of Material (BOM), Sage 50 Batch Controller, Sage 50 Job Controller and Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller. Collectively these four critical areas of Sage 50 Manufacturing enable you to run your business efficiently and profitably, with minimal effort and maximum benefit.



The Sage 50 Manufacturing module enables:



You to integrate information from the different areas of your businessincrease effectiveness and efficiency throughout your business as all your Sage products together deliver a complete package.
You can pinpoint and flag potential issues in the manufacturing process -forecasting and identifying problems before they arise so preventative action can be taken to pre-empt issue. The impact on your business can therefore be minimised.
You can continually monitor and analyse your business financesthrough full integration of Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage Accounting, keep on top of the significant areas of your operations that matter.



What is it and how can it work for you?


This module has impact on a variety of manufacturing considerations and offers solutions to known issues:


You can manage innumerable components simultaneously – benefit from flexible management tools to handle an unlimited number of components, materials, labour and machine costs meeting the requirements of different jobs and customers.
You can avoid shortages and downtime – run a smoother system as you juggle suppliers and stock with greater flexibility, whilst accounting for different lead times and deliveries. The product information utility ensures you are on top of this area and so downtimes are reduced and stock levels are at their optimum in order to satisfy your manufacture process. Avoid shortages of materials and upkeep efficiency.
You can save time when creating estimates – use tools to ‘template’ your estimates, so elements of similar jobs can feed into estimates for new ones. Using the copy and paste function to take references from previous jobs, time is reduced in this area of the process.
You can adhere to ISO9000 – satisfy ISO9000 demands for better control by providing batch traceability for every component.
You can improve your customer service – track milestones of all product cycles from receipt through production processes to despatch so you can provide the best customer service as possible.
You can compare actuals against estimates – take a view on actual costs against estimated costs, for easy analysis. Ensure all actuals which exceed estimates are displayed in red so you are completely aware for all jobs – and the impact this has.
You can streamline operations – integrate your Sage 50 products for seamless operational practices and enhanced productivity.



For more information about Sage 50 Manufacturing, please contact ibex.

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