Sage 50 Mobile

New to the Sage 50 suite, Sage 50 Mobile provides access to your Sage 50 Accounts data from your devices including iPhone, iPad and Blackberry (Android coming soon). With Sage 50 Mobile you have read/ write/ access data, meaning you can both retrieve and update information while away from the office, on the move, from home – anywhere you choose!




What is it and how will it benefit you?


Experience a snapshot of your organisation’s financial information, plus customers’ and suppliers’ finance, products and pricing, in this interactive software module. From any location you can gain an insight into your business’ current financial position and make better business decisions on that basis.


Additionally, Sage 50 Mobile enables you to set up different access levels to help define which administrators are free to view certain information, and more importantly, so you can protect sensitive information from those not permitted.


Sage 50 Mobile Features and Benefits


An array of features exist to promote Sage 50 Mobile as a key business function to those organisations that require that added device access to financial information:


Simple to use – speedy set up and ease of use functionality makes Sage 50 Mobile a good module to employ. With an intuitive interface, you can be sure to be up and running quickly.
Manage your information on the move – have the access to real-time critical business information here and now – be able to keep a check on stock levels, assess cash flow, analyse debtors and more.
Improve productivity – make better use of your time with Sage 50 Mobile. Increase the level of business activity whilst outside of the office as you operate whilst on the road and not be beholden to the office.
Better the accuracy of your information – input data into Sage 50 Mobile as it is collected, ensuring this is of peak accuracy, and no details are omitted.
Bolster customer service – respond in a timely way to customer enquiries with Sage 50 Mobile. Be confident that you have all up-to-date information when you need it.
Available at no extra cost – Sage 50 Mobile is free to use when downloaded from Sage 50 Accounts 2012.
Data security is key – with Sage 50 Mobile you can be certain your data will be secure. Your Sage 50 Accounts data is secure as all data transferred is securelyencrypted.



To find out more about Sage 50 Mobile contact ibex.

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